Spring 2017 Support of Writing-Intensive Engineering Courses

In Spring 2017, The Hanson Center for Technical Communication (HCTC) will grade the Statics writing project.

APA Style Guide ( Purdue OWL )
For citation guidelines, the HCTC recommends that students refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab. This is a reliable resource that is updated regularly to adhere to current APA style standards. Giving credit where credit is due demonstrates your integrity as an engineer.

Statics - ENGR: 2110


Fall 2016 Statics Essay Award Winner

Congratulations to Timothy Holmes, our latest award winner! Timothy drafted and revised his work with splendid results: from a pool of 272 students, his essay on how engineers cope with and learn from failure demonstrated the highest possible excellence in communicating complex technical issues for a general audience. We encourage all students to read Tim's essay!

The Structural and Ethical Failures of the Sewol Ferry Disaster - Timothy Holmes


Spring 2016 Statics Essay Award Winners

I-35W Highway Bridge Collapse - Austin Bourgeois

All Fall Down: The Hartford Civic Center Roof Collapse - Katherine Giles 

Autoroute 19 de la Concorde Overpass: Structural and Ethical Failures - Ankur Parupally

Fall 2015 Statics Essay Award Winners

Rana Plaza Structural and Ethical Failure - Mandy Gavin 

Lessons from Loma Prieta - Megan Helms 

Big Blue Crane Collapse - Solaris Nite 

Spring 2015 Statics Essay Award Winners

Hyatt Regency Walkway Failure - Maria Fernanda Larraga Martinez 

Rana Plaza Collapse Leads to Reform - Matthew Finley 

The Show Must Go On - Genevieve Goelz 

Fall 2014 Statics Essay Award Winners

No Leg to Stand On - Rae Ann Corrigan

The Failure of the Schoharie Creek Bridge -Michelle Knir

What Actions Can We Take to Avoid Catastrophes - Qingyang Su


Chemical Process Safety - CBE:3105

Topical Paper Evaluation Sheet ( PDF )

Materials Science - 57:015


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