Value-Added Opportunities for Building a Relationship with the College of Engineering

The University of Iowa College of Engineering enjoys close relationships with numerous business and industry partners, many of whom rely heavily on the recognized academic excellence, research talents and service commitment of our students, faculty, and staff.

The resources of this College are available to you, as an economic partner, to use effectively and to integrate into your strategic goals. Through the Marketing and Communications Office, the College serves business and industry, guided by a single, clear objective:

Provide value-added service to business and industry by assisting in solving technical problems and exploring mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

This commitment is supported by a national study that found growth companies with university ties have productivity rates almost 60% higher than those that have no relationship.

We have created a menu of the many partnership opportunities available for partnering with the College – along with an overview of areas of research excellence that give the College of Engineering its national and international reputation.

If there is a specific area about which you want to learn more, please let us know. We would be delighted to explore ways with you that can help expand growth opportunities for your organization through the value of Iowa-based engineering education and research.

Also, we would appreciate having you share this web information with other key decision makers in your organization, including those responsible for technology, engineering, and manufacturing.

To enhance your partnership opportunities with the College of Engineering, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office at (319) 384-0550 or via e-mail at