FTC-Iowa: Engineering Notebook

One of the goals of FIRST and FTC is to recognize the engineering design process and the journey made by the team. The journey includes documenting the engineering design process of the team using an Engineering Notebook.

Throughout the season the team and robot will confront obstacles, learn lessons, and need to draw things on paper. The engineering notebook is where teams document their process, from season kick-off through scrimmages and competitions. When it comes time for awards, during the competition the judges will review your engineering notebook to decide who will receive the awards.

Important information about the engineering notebook:

  • Use a notebook with stitched binding.
  • Do not use loose leaf paper or spiral bound notebook
  • Number the pages, so they cannot be deleted or substituted
  • One engineering notebook will be required per team.

Each page should include the following elements:

  • Date/time of meeting
  • Page numbers
  • Task statement and desired outcomes
  • Area of reflection
  • Recorded by*
  • Date
  • Reviewed by*
  • Date
    *these should be two separate signatures

Although the engineering notebook is not required, many of the awards are given based on what the judges see in the teams' engineering notebook. Please remember to document everything in your notebook.