FTC-Iowa: Team Information

Being on a FTC team can be a challenging but also rewarding experience.


FIRST and FTC-Iowa have put together an excellent collection of resources for teams. The various resources include information about working with Samantha, Programming & Design, Field Control System, and TETRIX Resources. Check out the FTC Toolbox.


There are several types of events held during the FTC Tournament season. Before any event, make sure your team and robot are prepared for the event.

  • Scrimmages - An opportunity for teams to collaborate with other local teams and work on the robot or programming. Typically, there is a field to use, but there is no judging, scorekeeping or awards.
  • League Meets, League Tournaments and Super Qualifier - FTC-Iowa has implemented the League structure for tournaments. Teams are able to participate in short league meets (about 4-5 hours in duration) through the season. Then, all teams compete in a League Tournament. From there, teams advance to the Super Qualifier level.
  • Championship Tournament - The FTC-Iowa Championship tournament is the culmination of FTC activity in Iowa.

Regardless of the event, make sure to read the FTC-Iowa Event Cancelation Policy.


Many colleges and universities, professional organizations and corporations recognize the importance of being a part of a FIRST team. This is official recognition of the knowledge and technical and life skills these students have gained from participating in FIRST. For 2015, there are over 150 scholarship providers and over 685 individual scholarship opportunities, with a total of nearly $15 million! For more information about scholarships, check out the FIRST Scholarship page or the check out the scholarship opportunities through The College of Engineering under "Future Students".