The College of Engineering is one of 11 Colleges that comprise The University of Iowa. With educational courses dating back over 100 years, the College today has an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students -- 2,165 of whom are undergraduates. About 45% of the engineering undergraduates are residents of Iowa. Women make up more than 26% of all undergrads in Engineering@Iowa and more than 29% of the engineering freshman class  -- much higher than the national average of 20%.

The College offers undergraduate (BSE) engineering degrees in the following disciplines.  The Fall 2015 number of undergrads by major:

  • Biomedical Engineering with 539 students (24.9% of the fall 2015 undergrad student enrollment)
  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with 240 students (11.1%)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering with 226 students (10.5%)
  • Electrical Engineering with 345 students (16.0%)
  • Industrial Engineering with 160 students (7.4%)
  • Mechanical Engineering with 476 students (22.0%)
  • Undeclared Engineering (possible for first three semesters) with 165 students (7.6%)
  • And 19 students were non-degree-seeking (0.9%)

442 students graduated in Academic Year 2014-15 with 444 Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degrees.  Of these, 86 were Biomedical Engineering majors; 27 were Chemical Engineering majors; 71 were Civil Engineering majors; 87 were Electrical Engineering majors; 44 were Industrial Engineering majors; and 129 were Mechanical Engineering majors.

The University of Iowa six year graduation rate for all engineering first-year college students in 2007 was 80%. Most of the attrition occurs between the first and second years.  Approximately 90% of engineering first-year students return for their second year.

All six undergraduate engineering majors are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (www.abet.org).